Aluminium Venetian

Aluminium made to measure Venetian blinds are the perfect choice for a variety of different rooms, no matter what style you’re trying to create. Choose Wooden Effect aluminium Venetian blinds for a more classic look, or go more modern with bright, bold colours or moody greys.

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Aluminium Venetians are a great way to cover a window.

They can be lifted fully, and only take up a small amount of room at the top of the window.  You can also tilt the slats to control the level of privacy and/or light that you want in the room.  All of our narrow Aluminium Venetian blinds are made from the highest quality aluminium, they are much stronger than the cheaper, plastic alternatives that are on the market.  At Project: Blinds we offer 4 different sizes of slats.

16mm Aluminium Venetian

16mm is the narrowest slat we offer.  It’s ideal for use inside a glass pane, or when wanting a flexible cover with minimal space.

25mm Aluminium Venetian

25mm is, by far, the most popular size of slat we offer.  This size slat is great as it takes up very little windowsill space but offers a nice amount of light and privacy.  25mm is also the most popular size for INTU Venetians and PerfectFit Venetians.  They come in the widest range of colours and styles.  There are different finishes for aluminium slats:- gloss, matt, wood effect, perforated and many more.

35mm Aluminium Venetians

35mm is our least popular size of the slat.  It offers more light than a 25mm slat, as there are fewer slats needed to cover the same expanse.  The headrail is a lot larger than its smaller counterpart.  The headrail is actually shared with the 50mm option below.  You do gain the ability to have a different coloured headrail to the slat, and also have the option of having a taped finish over the cords.

50mm Aluminium Venetians

50mm is the most popular option for commercial properties.  Lighter than a wooden Venetian, but offers a large amount of light through the slat.  It is ideal for large windows, it can be manufactured to large widths and large drops.  As there are fewer slats covering the drop, compared to a 25mm slat, the stack height at the top of the recess is a lot smaller.

INTU Venetians

Project: Blinds loves the INTU blind range.  It’s a clean and smart way of covering individual panes of glass.  Some of the INTU product range works on a benefits system, this means that it can be installed without the use of screws.  The brackets that the blinds are fitted to slide between the rubber and glass on a window.  It is one of the only blinds that can be installed directly to a door or window without voiding the warranty from the window company.

PerfectFit Venetians – PerfectFit Venetians are also a brilliant product that Project: Blinds can’t get enough of.  They work in a very similar fashion to the INTU Venetian, the brackets are slid between the rubber and glass.  perfect fit has developed a framework that allows a blind to be fitted inside, the framework is then fitted to the brackets.  Project: Blinds offers a brilliant colour match service for the framework, meaning you can have it powder coated to any RAL colour.

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