Commercial Solutions

In a lot of businesses shading outdoor areas is a must.  We offer great solutions that can offer clients and employees great shading for an alfresco experience.

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The Commercial Area is a dedicated section for businesses, whether you are the business owner, head of design or a buyer, this is where you will be able to find out everything about what Project: Awnings has to offer for a commercial environment.

Just like for our residential customers, we believe in making everything as easy as possible.  You will have your own dedicated Project: Manager who will be heavily involved from start to finish.  Having only one person to deal with is much easier, right?

We find that sail blinds are stylish and can bring a splash of colour and a modern look to any business.  Awnings can also offer great sun protection to employees in the office, shielding the window from the high summer sun.

All of the systems can be automated so you have complete control over their use. We can make a custom solution for any environment or problem.

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