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Project Blinds and Project Awnings offer a range of garden structures called The Signature Collection.  The collection is comprised of different motorised shading structures. These structures can be free standing to be attached to existing structures.

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Our signature collection can also come with side screens, lighting and heating.  They truly are a luxury garden feature.  They provide you with a living space for your garden for any time of year.

Fully Electric

Every single one of our Pergolas in the Signature Collection is fully electric.  Being the 21st century, there is no space for manual movements. 

Okay so it’s electric, what else can it do?

You’re right, being electric isn’t all that impressive.  Our electric operation can be used via a wall transmitter, a hand held remote, or perhaps most impressively, your Smart Phone or Tablet.

100% Waterproof

That’s right, every single Pergola in the Signature Collection is 100% waterproof.  In the UK, there is simply no point adding outdoor shading if it can’t be waterproof as well.

Excellent, how does it work?

The individual slats, and the fabric roofs, have their own individual guttering system. Literally every single slat is able to collect and drain water.  From here, the legs house a hidden down pipe, which takes the water away.

Further more….

This means you can open the roof of your Pergola as soon as it has stopped raining, without getting wet.

Windproof And Waterproof Blinds

Outdoor blinds are great, but even on our nicest summer days, there can still be a breeze, which can make any exterior blind a right pain.  The Signature Collection blinds, are not just highly efficient in dealing with the suns UV-Rays and water, but they are completely windproof.

How can a blind do all that?

We manage to achieve so much with our exterior blinds on our Pergolas because of the Zip technology.  Your exterior blind literally zips itself up as you lower it.  We also only use the absolute best fabrics, which is how we achieve UV and rain Protection.


Lighting is an important accessory to any Pergola, but lighting doesn’t always compliment correctly.  All of our lighting is fitted at the manufacturer level and is built as an integral part of the frame.  This achieves a look which isn’t viewed as an afterthought and keeps it completely waterproof.

Great, what lighting options do I have?

You will be able to choose from LED strip lighting, which has over 300 colour settings.  If you are looking for something a little different, you can have spotlights on the roof shining down.

Surely it isn’t possible to have something last years with no maintenance?

Wrong.  We use Extruded Aluminium on nearly every single part of the structure, the only time we can’t is on some of the moving parts, so we use a very high quality plastic.  On top of this we powder coat to a colour of your choice, the only maintaining you may wish to do, is give it a clean, but even then you don’t have too.

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