Some of the most impressive projects that we carry out, include shutters that are installed to special shaped windows or doors. Whether it’s an arched or angled window or even a porthole, shutters solutions can be the best way to bring out the best of tricky areas to dress.


Any shape is possible in our wood ranges, whether it is angled or curved. We can even mount to a door frame and cut around the handle so that the door still operates.

We can produce a shaped shutter to fit not only any specific standard shape but most irregular shaped windows. We can even produce window shutters that are ascribed to the window by templating the reveal and using a CNC machine to manufacture the frame and panel to mirror the template.

The sunburst fan effect is stunning when used in raked or arched shutters. Whilst each louvre is individual, they can be opened and closed although generally the louvres are set to provide shade and filtered light. The same shapes can be made with horizontal louvres that operate the same as standard square panels which is ideal if your shaped window is in a bedroom, for example.

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