Bead Fit Blinds

What are bead fit blinds?

Welcome to Beadfit Blinds – where simplicity meets sophistication without a trace. Our blinds require no screws, attaching seamlessly behind the black beading of your window for a modern, sleek look.

Choose between two leading brands: PerfectFit by Louvolite or our favoured INTU by Eclipse. INTU boasts a custom blind headrail for a personalized touch, while PerfectFit frames existing blinds with a stylish edge.

At Project Blinds, we celebrate the elegance of INTU, offering you a tailored blind experience that leaves a lasting impression. Elevate your space with Beadfit Blinds – the epitome of style and functionality.

What windows are best suited?

Beadfit blinds seamlessly complement high-traffic doors, effortlessly moving with the door’s motion without the need for lifting or drawing back the blind. The INTU Micro introduces a game-changer, allowing attachment to bi-folding doors without any risk of interference during folding.

What colours?

Express your style with a variety of colours. INTU headrails offer a choice of White, Brown, Silver, and Anthracite Grey. PerfectFit frames extend the palette with White, Brown, Silver, Anthracite, Mahogany, and Golden Oak options. Aluminium slats, roller fabrics, and pleated fabrics offer an extensive range of colours and textures to suit your taste.

What variations are there?

Explore the diversity of Beadfit blinds with two main brands and various options within each. INTU presents INTU Rollers for bedrooms, INTU Pleated for thermal gain areas like conservatories, and INTU Venetians for privacy on back doors and front-facing windows. PerfectFit, as a framework, accommodates a wide range of functions, including tensioned or free-hanging wooden Venetians and more.

Can they be motorised?

While INTU blinds currently don’t support motorization due to their slim headrails, PerfectFit blinds offer a tech-savvy solution. Opt for motorized PerfectFit blinds with a Somfy motor, seamlessly integrating with your home automation system. Check out our videos for a glimpse into the future of automated blinds. Project Blinds brings you the perfect blend of functionality and style.

How long do they take to make?

Our Beadfit blinds, proudly crafted in the UK, boast a swift production timeline. Typically, you can expect your bespoke blinds to be manufactured within 3-4 weeks, ensuring a timely transformation for your living space.

Are there any disadvantages?

While the Beadfit system offers unparalleled convenience, it’s essential to note a minor consideration. When stacked back, the fabric aligns with the glass line, maintaining visibility unlike blinds that lift above the window recess. This nuance is worth considering based on your aesthetic preferences.

How long do they last?

Rest easy with our commitment to quality. Project Blinds provides a comprehensive 3-year warranty on Beadfit blinds. With proper care and usage, these blinds are built to last, offering you a stylish and functional window solution for up to a decade. Invest in longevity and style with Beadfit blinds from Project Blinds.

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