Panel blind

What are panel blinds?

A Panel Blind is a modern reinterpretation of Japanese Shoji sliding doors. Fabric panels hang from a multi-channel track, sliding back over each other to optimize light in the room. Changing the fabric is easy at the top without the need to remove the track.

What windows are best suited for panel blinds?

Ideal for room dividers, wide windows, patio doors, and bi-folding doors, Panel Blinds offer versatility. With a maximum width of 5200mm, they cover most wide windows. Larger windows can be accommodated by mirroring two tracks.

What colours do panel blinds come in?

Made from roller blind fabric, Panel Blinds offer a vast range of fabric options. Alternating patterned and plain fabrics are popular choices. Changing panels is effortless, thanks to heavy-duty Velcro attachments.

What variations of panel blinds are there?

Variations come in the number of tracks on the headrail. Choose from 3 tracks, 4 tracks, or 5 tracks, which can be stacked to one side or split in the middle based on your preference.

Can panel blinds be motorised?

Currently, there isn’t a motorised option for Panel Blinds. Manual wands or cord systems draw back the panels. The wand system, being inherently child-safe, is often recommended.

How long do panel blinds take to make?

Manufactured in the UK, Panel Blinds typically take about 3-4 weeks from order to installation, ensuring a timely and efficient process.

Are there any disadvantages of panel blinds?

When stacked back, the size of the panel can be substantial, potentially blocking an entire pane of glass. This should be considered in the placement and design of Panel Blinds.

How long do panel blinds last?

With a 3-year warranty on all blinds, proper care can extend their lifespan to 10 years or more. Regular maintenance ensures longevity and continued satisfaction.


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